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How is it prepared?

Unadulterated ingredients

We bring in 100% real vegetables from the freshest produce

Vacuum Cooked

Then, we vacuum them at low heat and pressure. It preserves the natural colour and ensures high nutritive content

Always nutritious

Next, we remove any excess oil from the crunchies, using a centrifugation process

Packed with love

And finally, seal all the goodness in nitrogen-flushed packs to ensure freshness


Jacme’s vision is to make snacking guilt free as possible. We also believe that Guilt free snacking should not come by sacrificing deliciousness and taste. The team at Jacme are always on the hunt for the latest technology to fulfill this dream to our customers. Through several experiments and research, we have become the masters in manufacturing vacuum fried products. Our healthy snacks are vacuum fried, cooked in low temperature and retains major chunk of nutrients and minerals present in the fruit / vegetable . These fruit and vegetable chips are cholesterol free and trans-fat free. These snacks contain very less oil compared to deep fried snacks.

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Why choose Sweet Potato Crisps

Why choose Sweet Potato Crisps

As far as picking a snack for munching in your down time, sweet potatoes seem like an unlikely choice. We bring you five awesome reasons why you should stock you shelves with Jacme’s Vacuum fried sweet potato crisps for all your snacking needs.

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The Vacuum Frying Revolution

The Vacuum Frying Revolution

Snacking is a universal pastime that we all hate to love. It is one thing that united all the generations of the household. Today, let us look at all the reasons why it is smarter to switch toJacme Vacuum Fried snacks than deep fried ones. It is time for you to join the smart revolution and ensure that this household favorite activity is not slowly deteriorating the health of your loved ones.

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Major benefits of Okra Chips

Major benefits of Okra Chips

Okra is one of the most unique and tastiest products among Jacme’s vacuum Fried Crisps. Loaded with so many nutrients which attributes to a lot of health benefits, Okra chips also have a unique flavor, both of which are preserved through our Vacuum frying technology. Keep reading to get a quick peek of why Okra is amazing.

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