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The Vacuum Frying Revolution - How it changed the way of snacking

  • Rony Tom
Snacking is a universal pastime that we all hate to love. It is one thing that united all the generations of the household. Today, let us look at all the reasons why it is smarter to switch to Jacme Vacuum Fried snacks than deep fried ones. It is time for you to join the smart revolution and ensure that this household favorite activity is not slowly deteriorating the health of your loved ones.

Jacme prides itself on picking the most nutritious and unique ingredients in all our products. Jacme’s Vacuum fried Okra crisps are a part of our pride and joy in being able to preserve the natural flavor and nutrients in the vegetable. 


  • More nutritious: Jacme’s Vacuum frying preserves more nutrition in the snacks that prepared because the fruits and veggies are not subjected to insanely high temperatures like in deep frying. So, every time you bite into Jacme’s Okra chips or Jackfruit chips, the explosion of flavor on your taste buds will be healthier than what you get from deep fried chips.

  • Tastier: Frying snacks in a vacuum using just a sprinkling of oil for flavor reduces the frying temperature of the fruit and vegetable crisps made. This ensures the natural taste and colors of the ingredients are retains. Now enjoy vibrant and tastier delicacies with every bite.

  • Saves your heart: People have the tendency to reuse the oil when deep frying their snacks because it seems like such a waste to use so much oil once and then throw it away especially when it does not look spoiled from the outside. Reusing and reheating of oil releases toxins within it which is then transferred onto our snacks. These toxins adversely affect our health and speeds up heart issues.

  • Eco friendly: Now that we have covered all the ways in which Vacuum frying is safer for you, did you know it was safer for the environment as well? Deep frying in a commercial setting, produces a large amount of oil which needs to be disposed of. Often, this disposal is not handled in a proper manner and thus affects the environment badly.

Be a part of JACME's vacuum fried revolution