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Vaccum fried snacks: The ultimate solution for guilt free snacking

Vaccum fried snacks: The ultimate solution for guilt free snacking

  • Rony Tom

Munching on all the fried bajjias and yummy snacks that your mom cooked with too much love and ghee are one of our most cherished childhood memories. But, gone are the days wherein you can munch on all the fried snacks without your conscience flashing red lights of guilt. While snacking helps to keep your hunger levels on an even keel, these regular fried snacks which are high in calories can gift you just a brief jolt of energy but lot more of health risks in the long term. While most of us might switch to fresh fruits and vegetables as a healthy alternative for snacking, there are times when nothing can satiate your taste buds as the crunch and taste of fried foods. There comes to our rescue, the new hero in the healthy snack arena- Vaccum fried snacks.

As the name suggests, vaccum cooked snacks are prepared with the use of hot oil, but at much lower temperatures than the traditional frying methods. These low temperatures ensure that the oil donot decompose easily, hence reducing the carcinogenic risk when compared to the traditional snacks. Also your favourite veggies and fruits turn into crispy, delicious crunchies without losing their natural flavours . Free of preservatives, colours and chemicals, our vaccum fried snacks have seventy percent less oil content, zero tansfat and zero cholesterol. With the record of retaining more nutrients than the traditional frying, vaccum fried snacks have become the new face of healthy binge eating. From okra to jackfruit, we provide a wide range of healthy snacks that help you choose your cravings and health hand in hand.

In an era, where much emphasis is given on a healthy and meaningful life style, following a vegan culture has always been on the Top list. Our lip smacking vegetable crunchies produced from the finest farms of Western ghats in Kerala and processed with latest technology will sure be, a never disappointing addon to the your list of  vegan snacks.  With jackfruit gaining momentum as a vegan alternative to meat, we are always at our best efforts to bring novelty to the much admired vegan culture. Stay tuned to our website for newer, healthier, tastier munching adventures.